Romance with a smack

Home on the Range

When Amanda Wyld tumbles one hundred years through time, she lands in west Texas on the property of handsome, protective, Tom Thornton.

The year is 1883, and a range war rages as barbed wire divides open land into pieces. These illegal fences are forcing ranchers to cut the wire to get their livestock to water. Guns blaze and tempers fray as men and women fight for their homes and their land.

Tom does not need or want the responsibility for the young woman he rescues from the range, but they soon find themselves falling hard for each other. Her modern attitudes lead Amanda to put her health and safety in jeopardy, but Tom will teach his woman the dangers of his time and the importance of obedience – over his knee, if necessary. Can a twentieth century woman live, love, and thrive in a nineteenth century world?

Publisher’s Note: This time travel love story contains scenes of domestic discipline and explicitly described sexual encounters.

Meeting John Wayne

When Marcie Wyld, doctor and woman of science, decides to slip through time to join her sister in Texas, 1888, she plans and prepares. She packs vaccinations, medications, and surgical supplies. She takes old-fashioned clothes and money.

She does not plan on meeting John Wayne, Texas Ranger, cowboy god. The man of her dreams. She is not prepared to lose her heart.

John Wayne admires Marcie’s intelligence and independent spirit. He hopes she will remain in his time. But life in the Old West is dangerous, especially for a woman alone, and he must keep her safe. It’s simple: follow his rules, or find herself over his knee.

Can a modern woman accept old-fashioned love and discipline? Will the call of operating rooms, delis, and sparkling ice lead her back to the future? Can John Wayne keep her safe and win her heart? Can he convince her to stay?

Publisher's Note: This romance contains elements of domestic discipline, and explicit love scenes.

Wyld Woman

Risk-taker and adventure-seeker, Ellen Wyld scoffs at local superstition. It is nonsense that her cousins disappeared during a meteor shower while camped at the river. To disprove such balderdash, Ellen camps at the dreaded spot during a night of heavenly fireworks.

But the legend proves true, and Ellen tumbles one-hundred years into the past and joins her cousins in Texas, 1890.

When Ellen falls for Skip Manning, the son of the family’s enemy, no one is pleased. But Ellen gets what Ellen wants and she wants Skip. This suits Skip just fine. He wants Ellen. He plans to reform his lovely Wyld Woman and teach her thoughtfulness, respect, and responsibility – over his knee if necessary.

Can headstrong, spoiled Ellen learn to live in a time when these qualities are not widely accepted in a woman? Will Skip ever tame this wild 20th century free spirit without dampening her lust for life – and for him?

Troubled Water

Megan is an unexpected mail-order bride with a secret.

Mike has a ranch to run, rustlers to capture, and a fondness for the truth.

“Never fish in troubled water.” The old proverb discourages looking for trouble. But if Mike and Megan hope to untangle the strings of the past from the promise of the future, they will have to dive right in.

Was his bride a mistake or a surprise?

Can an Irish rose bloom in the wicked Texas heat?

Will they sink, or will they swim?

A Wyld Christmas

Marcie Wyld, MD, took an oath to save lives. The life in jeopardy at the moment is that of her daughter, Ava, who has pneumonia. The penicillin Marcie brought on her time jump ten years ago is gone, and the only place to get more is the future. Can she make another jump and return to the life she loves in 1898?

John Wayne is devoted to his family: providing for them; keeping them safe; keeping them healthy and here, with him. He is faced with the devil’s own bargain. Can he let Marcie risk another time jump? What will he lose? His wife? His daughter? Both?


Charlotte leaves Boston to find the mother she thought was dead. She is her father’s treasure so he sends hired guns to kidnap and return her to his Boston home.

Ethan wants to help, but he just keep her safe, healthy and his.

The West is no place for a woman alone, and he will keep her safe even if it takes a trip of two over his knee.

Will Charlotte and Ethan escape their pursuers? Can Charlotte survive the heat and deprivation of the journey? Will she accept Ethan’s discipline and guidance?

The Teacher and the Preacher

Sven is a preacher with a past. He’s been a guest of the territorial prison.

Caroline is a teacher in trouble. She’s pretending to be a widow, but the blond baby belongs to Sven. Too bad he doesn’t know.

Can they overcome their checkered history?

Can they forgive, forget and move forward?

Will a small Texas town embrace or exile them when their secret sins come to light?

Here Comes McBride

Can a life-on-the-run lead to a happily-ever-after?

Before Lars decided to become a law-abiding citizen, he was a master at evading the law and avoiding pursuers.

Ellie is a young, inexperienced woman being stalked by a man capable of great cruelty.

Ellie needs his help to escape. Lars needs her absolute obedience if he’s to save her. It will take a firm hand, but Ellie must mind him.

Will Lars’ skill at evasion be enough to protect Ellie? Will his discipline bring them together or drive them apart?

This is book one in the Journey’s End series and can be enjoyed independently.


Melody Williams is determined to get justice for her brother’s murder and remain on the family farm. But until she’s married or twenty-five, she can’t gain control of her money. Before she gets shipped off to her uncle’s house, she needs a husband.

Mitch McBride lives and works at Journey’s End with his sister and her family. When he encounters Melody screaming and swearing at the town banker, he feels called to help her.. But a marriage of convenience? That’s a mighty strange notion, but he likes the little gal with the honey blond hair. It might be worth the risk.

Can they catch the killer?

Will Melody accept a marriage of convenience that comes with conditions, rules and consequences?


She needs her twin sister. Will she gain a husband as well?

There is a hole, an emptiness of unknown origin in Harmony’s heart. When she learns of Melody, her identical twin sister, she knows she has found the cause. She must go to her. There is simply no choice. She must go.

Matt Cullen, sheriff of the small Oregon town of Ford, is friends with Mitch and Melody McBride. The story of Melody’s unknown twin sister strikes a chord deep in his heart. He must be the one to escort her on the long and dangerous trip from Colorado to Oregon. There is simply no choice. He must go.

The journey is treacherous, but Matt is determined to keep Harmony safe even if it requires a trip or two over his knee. Will adversity bring them together or drive them apart?

This is book three in the Journey’s End series but can be enjoyed independently.


She’s lost her memory. Why does she trust the handsome man who calls her his?

Susannah has recently lost her mother and is left in the care of her cruel stepfather. To avoid marriage to her mean and manipulative stepbrother, Susannah flees to her cousin’s ranch, Journey’s End. It’s a dangerous journey for a young woman alone, but she has no choice.

She sustains head injuries during a stagecoach accident and is robbed of her memory. She doesn’t remember much of her life, but thankfully when she meets her cousins Melody and Harmony, she feels safe. When Rowdy Henderson arrives at Journey’s End, she knows he’s important in her life and she can trust him, but doesn’t remember they were to be married.

She is a stranger in her own life, and now that they’ve received word that her stepfather and stepbrother are actively searching for her, Rowdy is determined to keep her safe, whether she likes it or not.

This is book four in the Journey’s End series but can be enjoyed independently.

Promise Me

Was the promise a blessing, or a curse?

Sven is a grieving widower and the father of five. In a deathbed promise, he vows to live and love again. For his children and for himself, he must honor the promise.

Maeve is alone and frightened. Frightened of going hungry; frightened of life without her parents. Most of all, she is frightened of the brutish Simms men who want her for their own.

When Maeve seeks protection at Journey's End, she and Sven both get a second chance at life and love. Can Sven move out of the shadow of his wife's grave? Can Maeve find the security and love she desires in his arms? Will Sven keep his promise?

This is book five in the Journey’s End series and can be enjoyed independently.